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MTA Dental Plans 

MTA Discount Dental Network

Provides as much as hundreds of dollars in savings on dental care through a large network of participating providers.

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MTA Preferred Provider Dental Plan

Provides more comprehensive coverage through a select network of participating providers.

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The chart below lists examples of savings under the MTA Discount Dental Network Plan and the MTA Preferred Provider Dental Plan when using a family general practicing dentist. Note: Fees vary for different areas and procedures performed by dental specialists may be higher. The plans are compared to each other as well as to the typical fees charged by general practicing dentists in the Boston area. Fees listed as No Charge under the MTA Preferred Provider Dental Plan are covered in full.

ADA Code Description Typical Fee* MTA Discount Dental Network 2015 Fee MTA Preferred Provider Dental Fee
D0120 Periodic Oral Exam $69 $35 No Charge
D0150 Comprehensive Oral Evaluation $117 $55 No Charge
D0274 Bitewing X-Rays—Four Films $85 $42 No Charge
D0330 Panoramic X-Ray $150 $83 $80
D1110 Adult Prophylaxis (Cleaning) $121 $68 No Charge
D2140 Amalgam (Filling) - One Surface $195 $89 $83
D2331 Two Surface Composite Filling-Anterior $274 $133 $160
D2750 Crown-Porcelain / High Noble Metal $1,543 $822 $680
D3330 Molar Root Canal Therapy $1,364 $851 $600
D4210 Gum Surgery Per Quadrant $836 $494 $350
D7230 Extraction—Partially Bony $512 $321 $250
* 90th Percentile For Boston Area